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Mushroom Delivery Same Day

Psilocybin, the primary psychedelic component in magic mushrooms, is still a Schedule I drug in most parts of the country. However, public sentiment and law have changed in some places leading to decriminalization. This has allowed a number of companies to set up mushroom delivery services online.

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A successful mushroom delivery same day strategy can be a good way to make money and also support the local economy. The best way to get started is by identifying restaurants that are interested in purchasing locally grown mushrooms. These are usually high-end restaurants that are willing to pay a premium for top-quality products. In addition, they typically have customers who are interested in microdosing.

You can approach these restaurants by contacting the chef directly or through their website. Then, you need to find out when they are open for deliveries. Ideally, you want to call on them in the mornings or between 2 and 4 pm when they are not busy. If possible, you should try to meet them in person to discuss your product.

When introducing yourself, be polite and respectful. Ask about their current sourcing, but don’t be pushy. Show them a sample of your mushrooms and emphasize that they are fresh, harvested the same day and locally sourced. Also, ask what types of mushrooms they would like to see on their menus. Even if they don’t commit to buying from you right away, the input they provide will be helpful in making future sales.

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