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Tarmac Repair Kit

Whether your driveway, car park, commercial surface, or a public road, when cracks in asphalt appear they must be repaired. If not, the tarmac will be gradually destroyed and eventually, potholes will form. Small cracks in a tarmac surface can be quickly patched and sealed with a specialised crack filler.

For larger potholes or surface depressions, there are several permanent cold mix bitumen-based surfacing materials available to help re-surface a tarmac drive, tarmac repair kit, or public road. These are supplied in bags or buckets and can be easily incorporated into any existing road or path. Some of these are also available in bulk for those who regularly carry out surfacing work on larger sites and projects.

Essential Tools: Exploring the Tarmac Repair Kit

One of the most common is a delaying set macadam material, commonly known as a DSM. Typically this is used by local authorities and their contractors as a temporary repair to surface defects, potholes or reinstatement works whilst they wait for effective mobilisation of the plant and machinery to carry out a permanent hot repair.

DSMs are easy to use and provide a quick return to service with traffic able to resume 30 minutes after compaction. For a more permanent solution there are also permanent pothole repair products that can be supplied in kit form, such as degafill and permanent asphalt repair. These are HAPAS-approved and can be incorporated into any existing path or road, providing an extremely strong and durable resurfacing solution.

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