Assisted Living Facilities in Jacksonville Florida
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Assisted Living Facilities in Jacksonville Florida

In assisted living in Jacksonville Florida, there are over 70 assisted living facilities, where seniors who need help with activities of daily living (ADLs) can find residential care. They can also benefit from social activities, meals and housekeeping. Some assisted living communities charge an all-inclusive monthly fee that covers rent, utilities, meals and services. Others may require a deposit or service-related fees, such as medication management.

Local agencies are available to provide financial assistance for seniors who need help paying for assisted living or home-based care. These entities assist with offsetting care costs, providing insurance counseling and linking individuals to beneficial community resources. They can also help veterans access valuable benefits and programs that can help them afford their Assisted Living costs in Jacksonville.

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The Florida Department of Elder Affairs supports the safety and well-being of older adults in all communities. They do this by promoting healthy aging, providing housing options, coordinating volunteers and advocating for the rights of older persons. They offer a variety of services, including meals on wheels, transportation, elder abuse prevention and information and referrals.

Seniors looking to move into an Assisted Living facility in Jacksonville should carefully research the location and choose a facility that offers a high level of personal care. They should read reviews, talk to friends and family members about their experiences, and visit the facility before making a final decision. They should ask the facility about its safety protocols, medical professionals who are available 24/7 and staff training for handling emergencies. They should also ensure that the facility enforces regular health assessments, such as COVID-19 screenings, to protect residents from communicable diseases.

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