Essential Stairlift Safety Features
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Essential Stairlift Safety Features

Essential Stairlift Safety Features

Several important stair lift safety features should be included in all devices. These include: Safety sensors and obstruction detection – these are built into the design of the stair lift to detect anything that might be in its path of travel. This ensures that the stair lift can be safely operated and prevents collisions.

Certified Snagging – similar to the ones in cars, these are designed to keep users securely seated and minimise the risk of falls while using the stair lift. A powered swivel seat allows for safer exits and entry at both the top and bottom of the stairs. Batteries that constantly charge – unlike older models of stair lifts which drew power from the mains, all new stair lifts come with batteries that will allow them to continue working even during power outages.

Safety First: Exploring the Crucial Features of a Secure Stairlift

In addition to these built-in stair lift safety features, some manufacturers also offer optional accessories and customization options that can be used to further enhance the usability and safety of the device. For example, a short hinged section at the foot of the rail on curved stair lifts can be manually or electrically flipped up out of the way to eliminate the potential trip hazard caused by the foot of the rail protruding into the passageway. Similarly, a swivel seat lock can be added to the powered model of stair lift to prevent accidental swiveling while in use.

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