What Do Presentation Trainers Do?
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What Do Presentation Trainers Do?

presentation trainers will help you deliver your message with confidence. They will also teach you how to structure a relevant, impactful persuasive presentation. This will make your presentations more effective and less nerve-racking.

In many cases, a good presentation trainer will teach you how to improve your delivery skills – things like how to use gestures, how to change the pitch and volume of your voice for effect, how to pace the length of your sentences, etc. In addition, they will likely give you tips on what to wear, what to avoid and how to interact with your audience.

They will know that most people are afraid of public speaking because our primitive brain shuts down normal functions during a speech due to the ‘fight or flight’ instinct – see FEAR below (for acronyms). They will therefore help you overcome your nervousness and build your confidence.

Choosing the Right Presentation Trainer: A Comprehensive Guide

This will not necessarily mean removing the need for notes during your presentations, as some presenters (particularly those who are professional speakers) do. But it will mean helping you find a way to manage your notes and supporting materials in a way that best suits your personal style and the needs of your audience.

A good trainer will also understand that many people are not natural speakers and therefore will need to use a number of tools to support them during their presentations. This might include visual PowerPoint slides, note cards, or even props. In addition, they will know that using too many text-based slides can cause the audience to mentally check out – especially if the slides are filled with bullet points. They will therefore be sure to use a limited number of slides and avoid ones that give the impression that the speaker is on mushrooms or acid.

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